Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence)

Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence)

Course Overview:

1. The curriculum covers fundamental and advanced topics in artificial intelligence,
including machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and computer
2. Students engage in hands-on projects and labs, applying AI techniques to real-world
problems and developing intelligent systems and applications.

3. Courses emphasize the integration of AI with core computer science principles, ensuring
a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects.
4. Ethical considerations in AI are thoroughly explored, preparing students to develop
responsible and fair AI technologies.

Program objectives:

Our program aims to produce graduates who are poised to lead in industries driven by artificial intelligence, equipping them with specialized knowledge within computer science.
We foster innovation by empowering students to develop cutting-edge AI solutions, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills in AI contexts.
Graduates are prepared to contribute to AI research, emphasizing the importance of pushing the boundaries of the field through novel algorithms and applications.
Ethical AI practices are paramount in our program, ensuring graduates prioritize responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) Program Outcomes:

Graduates will be able to design and implement advanced AI algorithms and systems that address real-world problems effectively.
They will demonstrate expertise in neural networks, deep learning, and other AI methodologies, applying these techniques to various domains.
Graduates will develop skills in natural language processing and computer vision, creating innovative solutions for complex challenges.
They will be equipped to consider and address ethical implications in the development and deployment of AI technologies.
Career Scope

1. Graduates can pursue roles as AI Software Engineers/Developers, focusing on developing
intelligent systems and applications using AI techniques
2. Opportunities also exist for roles as AI Research Scientists, contributing to cutting-edge AI
research projects.
3. Graduates may explore AI Solutions Architect roles, designing end-to-end AI solutions for
various industries.
4. Ethical AI Consultant roles are available for graduates, advising on ethical considerations in AI
development and deployment.



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