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Women Grievance Redressal Cell (WGRC)

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  1. Women Grievance Redressal Cell (WGRC) is intended to preserve and endorses the comfort of all women students and employees of the organization.Women Protection Cell / Internal Compliance Committee/Anti Sexual Harassment Cell is constituted as WGRC to deal with the complaints relating to Sexual harassment at the workplace. The cell enhances understanding of issues related to women and to makes the college campus a safe place for them. Guest lectures and seminars are conducted to address all the present issues of society and their impact on girls. Also, the cell is responsible for looking into complaints related to women filed by students and staff about women’s grievances in the Institution. The grievance box is placed in the Girls’ Common Room where students can drop their grievances if any. Any grievance found, is scrutinized and necessary action is taken immediately by the cell.

    Basic Functions of Cell

    • To protect the rights of women and any sorts of violence against them.
    • To effectively address workplace sexual harassment complaints, assure confidentiality, and assure non-retaliation.
    • To educate all students and women employees of the institute about Sexual Harassment at the workplace, its effects, and laws against it.
    • To provide a platform for listening to complaints and redressal of grievance.
    • To equip the female students, faculty, and staff members with knowledge of their legal rights.
    • To help in knowing the importance of good health and nutrition and facilities available for them.

    This committee will meet at least once in a semester or more often as required and submit its minutes of meeting to the Principal for necessary actions.


S.NoName of the MemberProfession
1Dr. K. GuruprasadPrincipal
2Dr. Nirmala S  GupthaProfessor, ACET.
3Dr. Puneeth KumarAsso. Professor, ACET.
4Dr. Shilpa GAsst. Professor, ACET.
5Mr. RajeshStudent First Year
6Ms. SahanaStudent First Year
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